3-D Panelling

Our full range of interior renovation services includes 3-D panelling for walls. We design and build custom panels for all types of spaces. We work with a range of bespoke materials, designs, and placements so that you can use panels to enhance the desired look of your space. Our skilled team can even help you coordinate panelling and any needed functional modifications needed for use (drilling holes in a panel for electrical cords, for example). 

Creating Custom 3-D Panelling for All Walls and Spaces

We have experience working with panelling in all types of rooms and spaces and are always ready to jump in on a panelling project. Whether you already have an idea you need us to execute, or if you want our team to create the entire design, we can help you use panelling as a durable and practical design element for your space. 

As with all of our services, we can incorporate 3-D panelling and wall transformation as a part of a larger-scale renovation or can come in just for the panelling project. Once we have discussed the project with you and visited the space to get exact details and measurements, we will work on drafting a complete panel design. Once that design is complete, our team will come back in and create the 3-D panelling section.

Benefits of Choosing Panelling

There are several great reasons to install panelling during an interior transformation. 3-D panelling is customizable and unique, creating an eye-catching feature in your room. Although custom-built, it is also affordable and durable. In addition, panelling can help protect your wall from damage and/or hide any existing damage. Carefully installed panelling can even positively impact the acoustics of your space.

Interested in incorporating 3-D panelling for your walls? Contact us to see some examples of our previous projects!