We are experts in conservatory renovation and roof insulation/conversion. Whether you need help redesigning the flow of your small conservatory, or you have to make big changes to make your conservatory comfortable, we have the know-how to get the job done! 

Conservatory Insulation

When conservatories are old or poorly constructed, they can be challenging to keep at a constant temperature. If you are finding that your conservatory is too hot in the summer and/or too cold in the winter, it might be time to consider insulating your conservatory. Insulation can also help make your conservatory less noisy during windy and rainy weather. Insulating a conservatory can help you retain the unique curb appeal of a conservatory while granting you a functional space year-round.

We work with insulation that fits directly under your existing conservatory roof. Installing this type of insulation can help you improve your conservatory’s temperature regulation and functionality without a total roof replacement.

Interior Conservatory Renovation

We love working with conservatory interior design and can incorporate any of the custom joinery, media wall, built-in sound/lighting, and 3-D panelling work we do in other spaces into your conservatory. When combined with insulation or a roof replacement, incorporating these elements into a conservatory renovation can remake your space and give it a new life.

A comfortable conservatory is functional year-round and can be used for many purposes. Although your conservatory can become anything you want, it may be especially well suited to becoming a home office, dining room, entertainment space, playroom, or arts/crafts studio. Regardless of your vision, we can help you get started!

Conservatory Conversion

Another way to solve temperature and noise problems in a conservatory can be to upgrade the roof. Upgrading a conservatory roof will also allow you some flexibility on the exterior appearance of the finished conservatory. Our team can help you choose the best materials for your conservatory and will make sure that everything is up to code during the transformation.

Ready to transform your conservatory and get started on reconfiguring your dream space? Get in touch with our team to explore your options for an amazing conservatory!