Media Walls

Good interior renovations bring a bit of a “wow” factor to your space. One way to achieve this impact is by incorporating a functional feature wall (we sometimes call them media walls). Traditionally, a media wall is a wall that features a built-in entertainment or TV setup, sometimes with the addition of a built-in fireplace. 

The design of a creative wall for your entertainment room allows you to not only place your TV and fireplace into a sleek, modern design, but also helps you hide all the wires and chords that can detract from your room’s appeal. A media wall can be paired with built-in lighting and surround-sound systems to create the perfect entertainment setup. Our team regularly works on building these walls into different project spaces across the UK and can help walk you through all the necessary steps. 

Creating the Perfect Media Walls for Your UK Home or Business

Because all of our renovation solutions are custom-developed, we would only ever build out a functional feature wall specific to you and your space. Our projects will be designed to incorporate the specific entertainment features you choose and fit your overall space and floor plan. 

We have the know-how to help you determine the sizes of the elements in your wall. Because we have years of experience on the job, we can also help you navigate budgeting for the construction and technology costs involved.

Getting Started With Transforming Your Space with Feature Walls

If incorporating a media wall sounds like a good choice for the function and style of your space, reach out to us for a free project quote! We work on renovations and media walls in the UK, and are more than happy to chat with you about the possibilities for your space!

Needing some extra design inspiration for reimagining your space? Contact us for a quote on a media walls in the UK!