Our Interior Renovation Services

We offer top-quality bespoke interior renovation and design services across the UK. Our team is prepared with the skills and experience to design and build your dream space. Whether you are wanting to transform your home or your business location, we can help you develop a vision for a better space and incorporate the design elements needed to make it more functional and enjoyable.

From creating custom joinery to installing built-in lighting and audio systems and completing conservatory roof conversions, our team has the know-how to tackle your interior renovation. Because we create custom solutions for each space, our designs are always strategically created to help you get the most out of your investment. As remodelling professionals, we also understand building code and ensure that all of our transformations adhere to official standards.

Staircase Transformations

Due to their size, staircases can be some of the most noticeable design elements in a space. Because of this, your staircase has the potential to be an impactful statement feature or to make your room(s) look boring or outdated. If you decide it’s time to transform your staircase, our team can help you develop a new design, choose the best materials for your staircase, and create the perfect staircase for the feel and functionality of your space.

Conservatory Conversion and Interior Renovation

When properly constructed and insulated, conservatories are perfect for enjoying nature from the comfort of indoors. Unfortunately, some older and uninsulated conservatories can be uncomfortably hot or cold in the summer or winter. If this sounds like your conservatory, you may want to consider converting and/or insulating your current roof. 

We are conservatory transformation experts, and can properly carry out insulation and conversion services. Along with handling insulation and roofing, we also handle conservatory redesigns. With years in the business, we can help you reimagine your conservatory, equip it to be comfortable year-round, and get it ready for your ideal use. You can see more over at our Conservatory Transform website.

Media Wall Incorporation and Built-In Lighting/Audio Work

A well-built media wall can help create a statement design around functional features, like a TV or fireplace. Often styled to fit into sleek, modern spaces, media walls can integrate technology-based elements (and all the necessary wires and tech stuff) right into your wall.

We also work with built-in audio and lighting. These elements can significantly enhance your experience in space and can help provide functionality for different spatial uses. For example, clients interested in creating a film room may want to consider a surround-sound audio system, while someone transforming a room into an art studio may be interested in exploring built-in lighting options. 

3-D Panelling Design and Custom Joinery

Whether we are working in a residential or business space, we often find that decorative elements provide the perfect finishing details for a room. One of the decorative elements we regularly incorporate in interior renovation projects is 3-D panelling. Totally customizable, unique, and visually impactful, a 3-D panelling section can be a highly effective way to draw interest into different parts of your space.

Along with 3-D panelling, we take on all types of custom joinery projects. This means that we can take on making functional features like built-in shelving or benches. These elements can stand alone, or be integrated with your custom panelling and media wall projects. All of our joinery work is done specifically for your space, so it will definitely fit in and compliment your space perfectly.

Curious to see some of our past projects? View our Work to see examples, or reach out to our team to learn more about what we offer!